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Beautification of front of school

Project GoalTo help with the beautification of the front of the school and give it a better curb appeal.
Location DescriptionFront entrance of the school
Address20401 Victor St., Torrance, CA 90503-2255
EventSharefest Workday 2019
Recipient OrganizationWest High School
Volunteer Organization(s)Journey of Faith
Volunteer Manager: :

Project Activities
Type Volunteers Needed Family Friendly
Landscaping: Planting 50 Yes
Plant drought tolerant plants and trees in the front of school. Area should be easy to maintain by our grounds department.
Admin: Hospitality 5 No
Coordinate Volunteers, Registration, and Food Service.
Admin: Media 5 No
Coordinate Media Plan to document Workday Project.
Landscaping: Planter Boxes 40 Yes
The walkway entry into this main area of campus, which leads to the gym, the stadium and track, and the pavilion has 8 large cement planter boxes, flush to the ground, that are in desperate need of beautification. In front of the gym, and entryway in, there is a total of 8 large planters which range in size from 4ft x4ft up to 12ft x 6ft. Two of the planters line the walkway into the gymnasium and stadium, while the rest are either flush with the gym or directly in front of both the stadium and gym. We are looking to plant trees, shrubs and/or plants in this area, preferably hardy and drought resistant, non-annuals that would require minimum maintenance. Mulch and fertilizer will be needed to feed the plants and trees to give them a good start, but also to even out the top soil in the planters.
Painting: Mural 4 No
One side inspirational wall mural in the interior of the copier room (south wall). As you enter the copier room, the right south wall is a large blank canvas, void of any beauty or inspiration, simply a blank wall. We would love to evolve it into a large, old fashion looking chalkboard with a colorful inspirational message on the 'chalkboard'.
Painting: Interior 10 Yes
Paint Interior – Cabinets: The copier room space, although small, has a wonderful storage array of cabinets that are unfortunately a dated, glossed faded avocado green. This project activity would be to either paint the cabinets, or stain them a more modern color.
Painting: Mural 3 No
Doorway and Cabinet Doors Inspirational Sayings - Paint a small inspirational saying over the door way exit, matching the chalkboard mural look (i.e. same font, color scheme), in addition to a couple inspirational sayings on a couple of the cabinet doors.
Other: Cabinetry 3 No
Cabinetry Hardware: New cabinet knobs/hardware to update the look of the room.
Other: Workspace Seating 2 No
Work Space Seating – Although the space is small, I would like to add two chairs or a small seating area with a small side/end table for the teachers to be able to relax and work while copies are being made, or simply to sit and reconnect with a colleague.
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Front of school\library
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Front of school\library