Step 2: Review the Project Activities and select the activities that your organization would like to adopt.

Campus Beautification

Project GoalOur goal is to bring some color and positive vibes to our campus. Middle school is a time of transition. It can be a very difficult time for some. At Richardson Middle School, we strive to make this transition as smooth as possible. We have various clubs on campus to help students find "their group" and counselors to provide a safe place to talk. Our students spend so much time on campus, we want our school to be a place were they can thrive and feel comfortable. A place they can be proud to call their own.
Location DescriptionI am the school's Library/Media Tech. I have discussed having Sharefest adopt our school with our principal. We would need district approval, but I do not see that as a problem. I have worked with Sharefest in the past and on another Torrance campus.
Address23751 Nancylee Lane, Torrance, CA 90505
EventSharefest Workday 2020
Recipient OrganizationRichardson Middle School

Project Activities
Type/Description Volunteers Needed Family Friendly Adopt
Painting: Mural 25 Yes
We would like to paint inspirational messages in the student bathrooms and have our school motto on the buildings. Paint our trash cans to give the campus a bit of color.
Admin: Hospitality 5 No
Coordinate Volunteers, Registration, and Food Service.
Admin: Media 5 No
Coordinate Media Plan to document Workday Project.
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