Step 2: Review the Project Activities and select the activities that your organization would like to adopt.

Make these Murals Magnificent

Project GoalWe would like to redo our murals on the playground. The current murals are weathered and dull. Our students deserve to have a school that has color and good energy. Unfortunately, our playground flooring took a long time. We were not able to paint these large murals. However the students play handball against these murals and it would brighten up our playground to have them redone. We also have other areas around our school that could really benefit from repainting. My other main project goal would be to have a multimedia library. We could take technology and reading to a higher level.
Location DescriptionLocated in South LA just off the 110 freeway not far from the intersection with the 105. Miller is a school with a rich civil rights history named after Activist and judge Loren Miller. As the Assistant principal at the school, I have wanted to bring some of the magic that I have seen in other school to our campus. I feel that Miller could be a happier place just by adding some color and imagination to our campus.
Location OwnerLAUSD
Address830 W. 77th St., Los Angeles, CA 90044
EventSharefest Workday 2019
Recipient OrganizationLoren Miller Elementary School

Project Activities
Type/Description Volunteers Needed Family Friendly Adopt
Painting: Mural 30 Yes
We do not have murals in our main building on the bottom floor. Also our murals outside need to be redone.
Admin: Hospitality 5 No
Coordinate Volunteers, Registration, and Food Service.
Admin: Media 5 No
Coordinate Media Plan to document Workday Project.
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