Step 2: Review the Project Activities and select the activities that your organization would like to adopt.

Campus Beautification

Project GoalThe overall school environment should be seen as a critical element in the success of the academic program of the school. A well-designed and -equipped school campus provides students, staff, and families a safe and welcoming environment that signifies the value placed in education. Research shows that this interaction, in turn, has a positive effect on students' academic achievement. Our current blacktop is where our students participate in PE, recess, school wide activities, and assemblies. It is also where parents drop off their kids every morning, so in essence, it sets the tone of a welcoming environment to our community. An re-painted blacktop will encourage sustained school wide activities to continue to take place, as well as decrease behavior issues during recess and lunch in keeping students engaged in play. The impact of this campus beautification project, will be far reaching to our 677 students and families in our community.
Location DescriptionPublic School
Location OwnerLawndale Elementary School District
Address4520 W. 168th St., Lawndale, CA 90260
EventSharefest Workday 2019
Recipient OrganizationWilliam Green Elementary School

Project Activities
Type/Description Volunteers Needed Family Friendly Adopt
Painting: Blacktop 8 Yes
The lines used for PE, games, and activities are currently fading and need to be repainted.
Painting: Mural 4 Yes
We have a handball wall that is plain and could benefit from a mural. This is located near the entrance gate where our students come to school. This would be seen by students, staff, and parents everyday.
Landscaping: Planter Boxes 6 No
Our students often enjoy eating lunch outside. Planter boxes filled with plants would enhance the positive environment and allow students to enjoy eating outside even more.
Hardscape/Pavers 8 No
The area right outside our office had a patch of grass where a tree was recently taken out. This area is underutilized and we'd like to make it more inviting with a small patio area with conversational seating.
Admin: Hospitality 5 No
Coordinate Volunteers, Registration, and Food Service.
Admin: Media 5 No
Coordinate Media Plan to document Workday Project.
Painting: Exterior 3 Yes
We have an existing shed where we house our PE/Sports equipment that needs a fresh coat of paint.
Current Blacktop
Blacktop %282%29
Current Blacktop
Blacktop %283%29
Current Blacktop
Lunch benches
Outdoor lunch benches
Possible pavers area
Possible Hardscape Area
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