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Torrance Girls Softball Field Enhancement

Project GoalPlayers , Siblings, and Friends often spend a full day at the field taking in games. With the current capabilities of our snack bar, we are limited to serving a very basic menu one that is not conducive to generating needed revenues. Not only do the fans who come to watch games miss out on traditional ball park snacks but the league suffers because of lack of revenues from that arena. Our dream is to be able to provide a full menu with burgers and dogs on the grill, fresh popped popcorn, and other traditional items that will also serve to raise the crucial revenues in that area or our program. This will be a huge investment that will lead to future revenues and help make the league self sufficient and able to support future improvements. It would also walk us toward another of our goals, providing modern bathroom facilities. Currently the league uses 3 port-a-pottis that are an incredibly expensive lease of $6,000 a year. Also the league has outgrown it current facility and is now limiting the number of girls the league campus can support. There is room to build two more fields on the west end of the league's area and the thousands of girls who have grown up playing ball for TGSL can be joined by even greater numbers in the future with fulfillment of the building of these two new fields whose current non existence could smash the opportunities that these future girls will miss out on. Creating a new snack bar, creating additional fields and building new bathrooms would enable the Torrance Girls Softball League to open the doors even wider as our community is expressing its desire for us to do so that every girl that wants to can play at and for the TGSL.
Location DescriptionCurrently the Torrance Girl's Softball League has three softball diamonds that the league built in conjunction with the City of Torrance Recreation Department and the Torrance Unified School District. The league has worked in harmony with these two entities for the past 25+ years since the fruition of the building of the fields. Torrance Unified School District requires permission to be secured before proceeding with any new projects and have already given their blessing for a new snack bar by selling the league a bungalow that is no longer used by the school. Plans have already been drawn up for phase 1 the snack bar and two additional fields to be completed and phase two working bathrooms to replace the port-a-pottis now used by the league.
Location OwnerTorrance Unified School district
AddressLevy Adult center - 3420 W. 229th Pl , Torrance, CA 90503
EventSharefest Workday 2019
Recipient OrganizationTorrance Girls Softball League
League Representative: Deryl Lloyd:

: :

Project Manager: Deryl Lloyd:

Project Activities
Type/Description Volunteers Needed Family Friendly Adopt
Other: Remodel classroom bungalow into modern snackbar, build two additional fields and two new modern bathrooms 20 No
Create a kitchen and serving area for a modern smacker in the existing bungalow the league has purchased from the Torrance School District. The plan would provide the new snackbar with proper plumbing and electrical service to code. This would allow the league to provide a full bbq service of hamburgers, hot dogs on the grill, popped pop corn, cold beverages, and other updated softball menu treats. This service would would support a crucial revenue production that will serve to make the league more self sufficient. This investment will be the lead to future revenues that will serve to help the league provide future improvements. These improvements will not only provide a modern snack bar but will also allow the league to move to improve the field campus with additional projects that would improve the quality of life of participants and provide additional areas for participation that would allow larger numbers of girls to participate in the Torrance Girls Softball League.
Other: Develop two additional regulation softball fields on the west side of the TGSL Softball campus. s 50 Yes
TGSL currently has 3 regulation fields and are struggling to service 5 divisions of girls playing softball from ages 4 to 14. Two additional fields are necessary to meet the current growing needs of the league. There is currently a large grass area on the west side of the TGSL Softball campus that could be converted into these two fields. To begin this project, we need volunteers and equipment to help strip the grass from what would become the infield areas. This would be the first step to building the new fields and would continue with as revenue allows with fencing, an irrigation system, and dugouts. These two new fields would allow the League to increase their registration and give many more girls the chance to experience girls softball.
Admin: Hospitality 5 No
Coordinate Volunteers, Registration, and Food Service.
Admin: Media 5 No
Coordinate Media Plan to document Workday Project.
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