Step 2: Review the Project Activities and select the activities that your organization would like to adopt.

Get Moving, Koalas!

Project GoalThe goal of this project is to enhance the school environment by providing additional engaging movement activities for our students. Currently, our playgrounds have some activities for the students, but not enough to engage our entire student population. As a result, we sometimes see behavior escalation during unstructured times, like recess and lunch. We will maintain and sustain this project by securing any donated items daily, and by teaching our students to respect and appreciate the changes that result from this project. We want our students to take pride and ownership in our school and further develop our climate of community.
Location DescriptionI am a staff member at this school and received permission from school administration to submit this project.
Location OwnerMike Goldstein
Address12044 S. Eucalyptus Ave. , Hawthorne, CA 90250
EventSharefest Workday 2019
Recipient OrganizationEucalyptus Elementary School

Project Activities
Type/Description Volunteers Needed Family Friendly Adopt
Hardscape/Pavers 20 No
We would like to add a track around our field. Ideally, this would be made of a material softer than pavement, such as recycled rubber.
Painting: Mural 25 No
We would like to update some of the murals on our campus.
Painting: Blacktop 10 No
We would like to have classroom numbers and lines painted on our black tops so that students know where to line up.
Other: We would like additional playground equipment for "free areas" 10 No
Items such as hula hoops, large outdoor games, like cornhole, Jenga, Connect four, Carrom Boards, even a ping pong table, and new soccer goals for our two fields.
Benches: Repair or Build 15 No
Some of our privacy screening has been vandalized and/or damages. We would like to have this replaced.
Benches: Repair or Build 20 No
We would like sunshade structures to cover our benches by the east cafeteria and over our quad area.
Painting: Blacktop 10 No
We would like sensory pathways painted on our walkways. These pathways encourage movement and are great for students with ADHD or just need a break. Pathways include letters, numbers, animals, and other stimulating images. We have videos and pictures of some examples. Video clip:
Other: Painting Pathways on our stairs 5 No
We would like arrows painted to indicate which way students should go up and down the stairs on our west campus.
Benches: Repair or Build 20 No
WE would like some benches built to accommodate students at our dismissal area.
Admin: Hospitality 5 No
Coordinate Volunteers, Registration, and Food Service.
Admin: Media 5 No
Coordinate Media Plan to document Workday Project.
Img 9991
Looking for shade
Img 9993
Need lines and room numbers painted, so we know where to line up!
Img 9992
Would love a mural of school wide expectations
Img 9994
Paint our stairs so we know how to pass safely!
Img 9995
Img 9996
We need shade!
Img 0002
We need privacy screens around our kinder yard!
Sensory path 1
Example of a sensory pathway
Sensory path 2
Example of a sensory pathway
Sensory path 3
Example of a sensory pathway
Img 0003
Privacy screens needed to cover up this eye sore!
Img 0004
Privacy screens needed to cover up this eye sore!
Img 0005
Update our mural, please!
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