Step 2: Review the Project Activities and select the activities that your organization would like to adopt.

Proud Edison Eagles

Project GoalDuring the renovation 2 years ago, many of our murals were removed and not returned. Our Edison garden has been neglected and needs a lot of TLC. Part of the renovation many trees from the yard were removed. Unfortunately this has left our play yard without any shade. All of the school site funds are to be used for student academic improvements. This leaves beautification projects without any funding source. Students, teachers, staff and the community of Edison will greatly benefit and have pride in this beautification project. Most projects don't require maintenance except for the garden, which will be adopted by a classroom each month. I know I wrote many individual projects but please understand that I'm dreaming big but at the same time I understand that all activities may not take place
Location DescriptionEdison ES is a TUSD school and TUSD supports Sharefest projects at our sites. Board approval is done annually.
Location OwnerTorrance Unified School District
Address3800 W. 182nd Street, Torrance, CA 90504
EventSharefest Workday 2019
Recipient OrganizationEdison Elementary School
Volunteer Organization(s)City On A Hill
Principal: jayne okazaki:

Project Activities
Type/Description Volunteers Needed Family Friendly Adopt
Painting: Mural 10 Yes
Refreshing and existing and painting a brand new US Map on two play areas
Landscaping: Planting 5 Yes Adopted: City On A Hill
When we went through construction, the contractor eliminated two big trees that provided shade. I would like to have 3 trees planted to provide shade for our students. Grass Field
Landscaping: Weeding & Cleanup 10 Yes Adopted: City On A Hill
Throughout the campus weeding is needed. We also have an enclosed garden that needs some clean up and care.
Admin: Hospitality 5 No Adopted: City On A Hill
Coordinate Volunteers, Registration, and Food Service.
Admin: Media 5 No Adopted: City On A Hill
Coordinate Media Plan to document Workday Project.
Painting: Exterior 10 Yes Adopted: City On A Hill
Painting of hallway lines for students to walk/stand on to show the you walk on one side going in one direction and the other line to walk in the other direction.
Img 1115
Mural on bldg F facing the street
Img 1117
Restripe the blacktop and add USA Map
Img 1118
Garden clean up
Img 1119
Two lines for the hallway. Current has painters tape
Img 1122
Cover Lunch bench from the sun
Img 1121
Grass field needs shade/trees
Img 1120
General weeding and clean up throughout the school
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