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Keeping it REAL at Edison

Project GoalEdison just finished its renovation project funded by the bond measure. During the renovation, many of our murals were removed and not returned. Our Edison garden has been neglected and needs a lot of TLC. Part of the renovation many trees from the yard were removed. Unfortunately this has left our play yard without any shade. All of the school site funds are to be used for student academic improvements. This leaves beautification projects without any funding source. Students, teachers, staff and the community of Edison will greatly benefit and have pride in this beautification project. Most projects don't require maintenance except for the garden, which will be adopted by a classroom each month. I know I wrote many individual projects but please understand that I'm dreaming big but at the same time I understand that all activities may not take place.
Location DescriptionEdison elementary is next to North High School on 182nd street West of Prairie, and East of Yukon. TUSD is a strong supporter of Sharefest. Permission to participate in Sharefest has been granted.
Location OwnerTorrance unified school district
Address3800 W. 182nd Street, Torrance, CA 90504
EventSharefest Workday 2017
Recipient OrganizationEdison Elementary School
Volunteer Organization(s)Edison Elementary School
Impact Community Church
Journey of Faith
SCE Employee Giving Team
Torrance Refining Company
Project Manager: Andrea Qualm:

Project Manager: Alicia Allen:

Project Activities
Type Volunteers Needed Family Friendly
Painting: Curbs/Parking Lot 10 Yes
Paint "Reserve Teacher Parking Only" sign on each install of the Edison parking lot, which is about 16 parking spots.
Painting: Mural 5 Yes
Painting of office wall with a mural.
Painting: Blacktop 15 Yes
Paint a USA map on the blacktop. Paint hopskotch
Painting: Blacktop 20 Yes
Paint a mural on the handball courts
Backpack Hooks 10 No
Put a shelf on top of the backpack hooks so that students can place their lunches on top. Wood may require painting to match current backpack hooks.
Landscaping: Weeding & Cleanup 15 Yes
Clean up garden. Remove fencing around the garden.
Admin: Hospitality 2 Yes
Coordinate Volunteers, Registration, and Food Service.
Admin: Media 1 No
Coordinate Media Plan to document Workday Project.
Cleaning: Classroom 20 Yes
Need to convert a classroom to a teacher materials room. Make shelves and organize books by grade level on shelves.
Painting: Interior 5 Yes
Staff lounge needs a face lift. Would love to have a warm color painted room with a couch and or new furniture that staff can have lunch and relax in. Happy teachers means happy students.