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Repainting our Murals and Playground Maps

Project GoalBy repainting our murals with our community involved, we hope to instill in our students a sense of pride and ownership. Our murals currently depict beautiful artwork that has faded to an unrecognizable state over the years. We hope to refresh this artwork and to include words of positivity and encouragement for our students to be safe, respectful, and responsible, as well as, the awareness that all students can be career and college ready. Our school namesake fought for the rights of people in our community to have fair housing and education. Miller's family has visited our school to encourage students to be lawyers, or judges, or whatever, they want to be. However, there reality of being in a gang heavy neighborhood can blur the possibilities for students to see past their current situation. We claim that our school is a safe haven for our students. however,r we also want our safe haven to be a climate of love an respect for our community and all stakeholders. I think this project will not only benefit our current student but many more students to come and the neighborhood at large.
Location DescriptionLocated on 77th street in in between Hoover and Vermont in Los Angeles.
Location OwnerLos Angeles Unified School District
Address830 W. 77th St. , Los Angeles, CA 90303
Recipient OrganizationLoren Miller Elementary School
Project Manager: Julio Hanson:

Project Activities
Type Volunteers Needed Family Friendly
Painting: Mural 100 Yes
We have 2 double-sided wall murals that stand upright. Approximately 20 murals on the playground flooring that depict maps and math equations and play areas. 1 bin that has a mural depicting a bus. A lunch area mural that has healthy fruit and approximately 4 other walls outside that have murals.
Admin: Hospitality 5 No
Coordinate Volunteers, Registration, and Food Service.
Admin: Media 5 No
Coordinate Media Plan to document Workday Project.
Painting: Play equipment 20 Yes
We have small soccer court with metal goals and four basketball courts. Both areas have faded paint.
Screen shot 2016 12 07 at 12.15.01 pm
Bus Bin
Screen shot 2016 12 07 at 12.17.20 pm
soccer Goals
Screen shot 2016 12 07 at 12.17.29 pm
Ball Bins
Screen shot 2016 12 07 at 12.17.06 pm
Mural 1
Screen shot 2016 12 07 at 12.17.00 pm
Mural 2
Screen shot 2016 12 07 at 12.16.53 pm
Playground Map
Screen shot 2016 12 07 at 12.16.48 pm
Lunch Area Murals
Screen shot 2016 12 07 at 12.17.13 pm
Playground equipment